Order of Military Merit

BOL006  Orden al Mérito Militar

  • Order instituted on 5 February 1927.
  • Order awarded to Generals, Officers and Soldiers of the National Army for heroic deeds or relevant military deeds in time of war.
  • Order awarded in seven grades:
    • a. Iron Star (Estrella de hierro) - awarded to military personnel, who resulted wounded in combat. Badge have two types: for one wound and for two wounds.
    • b. Bronze Medal (Medalla de bronce)
    • c. Bronze Cross (Cruz de bronce)
    • d. Silver Cross with red enamel (Cruz de plata con esmalte rojo)
    • e. Silver Cross with blue enamel (Cruz de plata con esmalte azul)
    • f. Gold Star (Placa de Oro)
    • g. Collar of Honor (Collar de honor)
  • Germán Busch - hero of the Chaco War.