Order of the Builders of People's Poland

PPR000  Order Budowniczych Polski Ludowej

  • Order instituted on 2 July 1949.
  • Order awarded to Polish individuals, enterprises, and institutions that performed exceptional deeds in the fields of: national economy, in particular through inventions, improving work organizations, and work inspiration and efficiency education, science, culture and art, national defense, health and sport, public service.
  • Order has a golden rosette, 53 mm in diameter. The rosette has eight petals enameled with white (inner) and red (outer). Petals are separated by gold rays. In the center is a white-encircled blue medallion, which depicts a gold male figure carrying a hammer and a red banner. The reverse has a red enameled medallion with, in gold, the letters PRL, standing for Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa - People's Republic of Poland (orders awarded before the state's name changed in 1952 have the letters RP for Rzeczpospolita Polska).

Polish People's Republic