King Haakon VII Centennial Medal

Kong Haakon VIIs 100-årsmedalje

  • Medal instituted in 1972 in memory of the century for King Haakon VII's birth.
  • Medal awarded to members of the Royal Family, members of the court and other countries ambassadors in Norway.
  • The medal is silver and has a diameter of 28 mm. On the obverse, the King Haakon portrait as it was done by engraver Ivar Throndsen. The king is depicted without crown. The portrait is surrounded by legend at "HAAKON • VII • NORWEGIAN • KING». The reverse shows the king's monogram. The medallion has a royal crown on top. The medal is suspended with a red ribbon, which has a silver clasp with "1872-1972" inscription.
  • It was awarded 231 people.
  • Haakon VII - the first king of Norway.